Project activity

The DIAMOND project aims at developing advanced diagnostic and innovative control strategies to detect stack and system faults and support stack degradation level analysis, as well as to guarantee optimal operations according to the actual status of the entire system. Through the knowledge of the actual status of the entire system, diagnosis and control algorithms will perform the following main actions:

  1. Identify faults and potential failures associated with electrochemical processes that may be caused by material degradation, FCS components faults (e.g. blower, heat exchangers, reformers) or having external causes (e.g. gas composition, erroneous control, critical load).
  2. Adapt the controllers of each sub-system to guarantee that all components work at their best performance levels; this will allow achieving the optimal performance (e.g. maximum efficiency, delivery targeted output power).

Monitoring algorithms will provide the management system with the information needed for the implementation of actions that are not feasible yet for on-board use, among others:

  • Fault recovery;
  • Control optimization;
  • Work outside of dangerous operating points;
  • Plan maintenance actions;
  • Activate alarms for regulation purposes;
  • Forecast lifetime.

The entire diagnostic and control structure will be built according to the concepts of high modularity to guarantee the maximum flexibility during development and testing, as well as scalability towards quick adaptability to other systems.

The results of the work are available in the section results.