Students, Scholars and Bi-lateral Exchanges

To foster the dissemination of the knowledge among the partners and to enhance cross-fertilization in the FC sector, several actions towards students and scholars are in place. These actions have been built on the bases of previous relationships among DIAMOND beneficiaries and external partners. Main actors of these actions are young pupils and junior researchers, which support substantially the research activity planned by the partners.

During the first two years of the project, student exchanges have involved Jožef Stefan Institute (IJS) and University of Salerno, VTT and ENEA as well as HYGEAR and Politecnico di Torino. In the last two cases a cooperation with external organizations has been activated. Moreover, two master theses dealing with DIAMOND topics were developed and discussed on February 2016 at the University of Salerno.

Boštjan Dolenc is a Ph.D. student from IJS, Ljubljana (SI), who spent eight months at the University of Salerno (IT), working on robust model-based diagnosis, by exploiting the DIAMOND-C model developed by UNISA. The work of Boštjan enhanced the activity on diagnostics and strengthened the relationships between UNISA and IJS.

Carlos Boigues (PhD.) from ENEA, Italy, is carrying out a research visit at VTT Fuel cell labs. During his visit he will carry out experiments and algorithm development related to the frequency domain data analysis techniques known as distribution of relaxation times (DRT) analysis and total harmonic distortion analysis (THDA) in the framework of solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) analytics. One aim of Carlos’ work is to implement such techniques on an industry standard programmable logic controller (PLC), the kind shown by Carlos in the picture below. This would make it simpler for system integrators to finally utilize these techniques in, for example, a SOFC power plant.

Marco Gallo defended his Master Thesis in mechanical Engineering at University of Salerno, he worked on DIAMOND-A system. The title of the Thesis is: “Development of a dynamic model for the control and the diagnosis of an integrated energy system based on Solid Oxide Fuel Cell”.
In November 2016, Marco Gallo has been enrolled as PhD Student at the University of Salerno. His main activity is the development of models of SOFC stack and system for the design of monitoring, diagnostic and control tools. Marco is active on DIAMOND and other projects granted to UNISA.

Armando Sica defended his Master Thesis in Mechanical Engineering at University of Salerno, he worked on DIAMOND-C system. The title of the Thesis is: “Development of a diagnostic algorithm for fault isolation improvement in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell systems”.

Stefano Nitto from Politecnico di Torino has done an internship from September 2015 to March 2016 at HyGear for his Master Study Energy and Nuclear Engineering. The main focus of his internship was on developing a proper start-up procedure for the DIAMOND A system and characterising the system by varying some operational parameters, like temperature and steam to carbon ratio. His work resulted in the master thesis “Experimental Characterization and Energy Modelling of an SOFC µ-CHP System”.

Ludovica Malafronte from University of Salerno is a post graduated trainee visiting VTT, she holds a fellowship from ERASMUS Traineeship Program. Ludovica works on control and automation of experiments for DIAMOND and will implement the algorithms developed at UNISA for fault detection and isolation on the DIAMOND-C embedded controller (PLC).

Boštjan_Dolenc CarlosBoigues_VTT-1 Marco_Gallo
Boštjan Dolenc (left) – IJS Carlos Boigues – ENEA Marco Gallo – UNISA
Armando_Sica Nitto img_2085-1
 Armando Sica – UNISA  Stefano Nitto – POLITO  Ludovica Malafronte – UNISA